How the world’s first baby van is born, with a baby bash

A couple from Australia has made their first baby vehicle, a van with the power of a truck and the looks of a garage.

The baby van, which has the capacity to accommodate a baby, has a four-wheel drive that allows the driver to go on a daily commute and the car can even carry a baby.

The company behind the van, called Baby Bash, is based in Sydney, Australia, but the couple are from Perth, Australia.

“We just wanted to make something that was simple to get and had a good range of features,” said co-founder and CEO Chris Frawley.

Frawley said they wanted to be able to take the vehicle anywhere in Australia, including in the country’s most remote areas, so they started with a van that had just been delivered.

The van has a small cab that sits just under the front seats and a large backseat that opens up to accommodate the driver.

The rear seat, however, is very low and is covered by the driver’s seat, so Frawleys said they had to be careful not to bump into people.

The family decided to go with a four wheel drive model because they said it had been around for years, and they also liked the vehicle’s styling.

“It was something we wanted to have that was easy to drive, have a nice look to it and that we could just take with us everywhere we went,” Frawlers said.

Baby Bash says it’s been selling its vehicles for yearsThe company is looking to raise $5,000 to produce its first model.

The price tag for the first Baby Bash van will be $35,000, and the family hopes to make another model of the vehicle available to purchase.

Fame in the van businessA lot of people don’t know about the baby van business, but Frawles said he was aware of the business when he was in his teens.

“I went through a phase of going out and seeing other people selling things and seeing what people were making,” he said.

“So that’s how I ended up working with Baby Bash.”

You see all the companies who are doing baby vans, but they’re not really getting the attention that Baby Bash is getting,” Fawley said.

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