How to make a baby turtle that can survive a nuclear apocalypse

There’s a reason why most baby turtles are hatched in aquariums.

But that doesn’t mean they can survive nuclear war.

That’s why reborn baby turtles have been born from old eggshells to make them strong and tough enough to survive a meltdown.

That was the idea behind a new series of baby turtle eggs being used in a research project at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

The turtles are designed to withstand the impact of a nuclear bomb and they can be made to swim underwater in water to keep from drowning, according to the Smithsonian.

The project, titled Reborn Baby Turtles, was launched in September.

It was funded by the National Geographic Society.

The turtle hatched in an aquarium.

The eggs are being tested for radiation levels and other issues, and are in their first few days of being released into the wild.

They are currently on display in the turtle exhibit at the National Zoo in Washington.

(Photo by Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images) What to know about newborn turtles and nuclear radiation: 1.

The first generation of baby turtles were born to be strong and resilient, which helps them survive a radiation event.

This baby turtle was hatched in a aquarium.


They’ve survived an event before.

In 1986, a Japanese nuclear bomb went off, injuring over 2,000 people in Japan.

But the baby turtles survived and are now in the care of a turtle rescue group.


They’re still young.

Some are about 5 months old, but a new generation of babies will be born every 10 years, the Smithsonian said.


They’ll need to stay in their shell.

The scientists want the turtles to remain in their shells for at least a few months before being released back into the ocean.

That will help them maintain their health.


They can swim underwater.

This little baby turtle swims on land, and scientists think it could survive underwater.


They should be good pets.

They don’t eat, but they will also be able to walk around and be socialized by humans.


They might be useful to research.

They have the potential to help scientists understand how to treat radioactive waste, the scientists said.

They could help scientists find ways to protect the world’s oceans and how to use the turtles as food.


They won’t make good pets for humans.

Some of the turtles have had radiation-induced damage to their shells.

Scientists are studying whether they will develop cancer.

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