‘I’d like to see it happen’: The joy of watching a baby monkey cry

FourFourSeconds ago, a baby washes up on a beach in the French Alps.

He’s about 4 weeks old and the mother is just a month pregnant.

She’s in a hurry to have another baby.

But when she gets home, she notices something strange.

There’s no sign of her baby.

The baby has been found and the family has gone to a local hospital.

They decide to take him home.

They get the baby out of the house, put the baby in a small crate and call the police.

But then the police arrive.

They’ve searched the house and no one knows where the baby is.

It’s only now that the baby’s mum, an obstetrician, is getting to grips with the situation.

“I thought it was a miracle that the police were called.

It’s quite an emotional moment.

We have a baby, we have a mother, but there’s nothing,” says her husband, Jean.

As soon as they arrive, the couple has the baby put in a cradle and put them in the care of a nurse.

“We put him in the cradle, put him under the blanket, he’s still crying,” she says.

“Then we went and called the police and told them that he was found.”

“It was quite a relief,” says Jean.

The police were initially sceptical, but after hearing the story from the mother, they were impressed with how well the baby was doing.

“It’s amazing that we’ve been able to locate him.

He has a normal heartbeat, normal breathing and we can tell he’s been well-fed,” says the police chief.”

The baby’s also in good health.

He was born healthy.

He looks like a normal baby.””

The police said they found a baby boy, but they were only looking for a child, not an adult,” says Mr Steeves.”

So I was very surprised that the family didn’t give up and that we didn’t find a man who had taken advantage of a woman.”

What I’m looking forward to is that we can get the man behind bars for what he’s done.

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