Irish kids love the sugar baby age, but what do they eat?

The Irish baby walking shoe industry is booming.

The industry is worth €8 billion (£7.3 billion), but there are more than 50 different styles.

Many are made in the UK, which is the birthplace of the baby walking world.

But the new generation is getting a taste of home.

Read more: Baby walking shoes: How to pick the best baby walking footwear article There are two main categories: the classic and the new.

The classic styles are made by the likes of Sperry and T-Rex.

They offer a solid, cushioned fit.

They are made to last a lifetime.

The new styles offer a more luxurious fit.

Sperry has developed a range of baby walking styles that can be used on both feet.

These include the super comfy Baby Tuck, which comes with a baby blanket and a child safety collar.

They are also designed for baby walkers with a foot that has a slight heel, which will give a little more stability when walking.

Baby Tuck is £99 and comes with child safety collars and a baby tag.

Baby Tucks are also available in a variety of sizes and can be bought with either a tag or a blanket.

Sperrie has also developed the Baby Tucks Comfort, which are designed for older babies.

They come in a range from newborn to toddler.

Sparry Baby Tugs are a great choice for babies of all sizes.

They also come in the comfort of a baby boot, but are great for babies between two and three years old.

Buy a Baby Tug, Sperries Comfort and Baby Tuggles Comfort for €99 from Boots, with a basket for the baby and a toddler included.

Boots also makes a range for baby walking, including the Baby Boot and Baby Boot Lite, which have a baby collar, a baby bag and a blanket for a small child.

Baby boots are £79, Baby Toggers are £99, Baby Boots and Baby Shoes are £159, Baby Socks are £49, Baby Booties are £149 and Baby Boots Lite are £169.

Read more about baby walking: Baby shoes and baby boots

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