When baby faces grow, nelson is the new nelson

Nelson’s growing face and the way he talks have garnered attention online.

It’s also earned the attention of parents.

One dad in particular has decided to help the baby face grow even faster.

He decided to start an online petition to have Nelson’s face removed.

“I know that it’s hard for parents of children with facial hair to see it, but I think it’s the best way to protect the child and to make them more comfortable around others,” said Joe.

Joe started the petition after a friend of his, a mother of a toddler, posted a picture of her baby face on Facebook.

Joe’s son, a 6-year-old boy, asked Joe if he could take a photo of his own face for the campaign.

Joe told ABC News that the child was scared that his parents would think he had facial hair and asked Joe to take the photo.

Joe said the baby’s face looked like it was born with a black eye.

“My son’s face was the size of a tennis ball and his facial hair was about as long as my hand,” Joe said.

“It’s just so much scarier.”

Joe said that after he took the photo, he felt the baby faced had grown to the point that he could no longer be proud of it.

Joe decided to keep the face.

But he said that he didn’t want the parents to feel ashamed of their child’s facial hair.

“If my baby’s facial is bigger than mine, then why should I have to have that?

I can just go to my own room and do what I want,” Joe explained.”

Why should I be embarrassed for my baby when it’s a positive thing?”

He said that his son is now learning to look out for the best interests of his baby and not have to be embarrassed to look in the mirror.

Joe said he doesn’t think that the baby faces will affect the child’s performance.

“When a child is looking at a picture like that and they see that, they’re going to see that their parents are good people and that they care about their child,” Joe told ABC.

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