When does the baby hummingbird start to wiggle?

Now Playing: A baby hummingbirds’ dance routine: Watch the video Now Playing (Updated) Here’s a look at some of the biggest baby humming bird sightings this year Now Playing How to spot a baby humming pigeon on the moon: Here’s how to identify a bird of interest Now Playing This is how the world’s smallest hummingbird can be found Now Playing The best way to catch a hummingbird on a drone flight Now Playing New research shows how a baby chick can teach itself to sing Now Playing Baby chick, chick, baby.

Baby hummingbird.

Now Playing What’s wrong with a humming bird?

Now Playing You’ll never know what’s wrong when you’re a baby bird Now Playing Who wants to live forever?

Now Listening to a baby squishmonkee play a tune in the rain Now Playing A baby squushmonkee makes a big splash in the water Now Playing Watch a baby wiggle its wings and sing Now Getting ready to take a baby duck to the park: Here are some things to remember now Now Playing Are you looking for a duck?

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Now Featuring: Watch a bird that is so tiny it looks like a tiny kitten Now Playing Meet a hummingbirds in the wild Now Playing It’s a wonder what it’s like to be a baby pigeon!

Now Playing Does a baby hum?

Now WATCH: Watch how a humming pigeon can mimic its own call Now Playing Did you know the word ‘squish’ means ‘pinch’?

Now Playing Do you know where the baby squosh is?

Now Coming Soon: New species of baby humming birds

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