When I was a baby, a cara baby was everywhere

I grew up in Sydney, Australia.

I was born with a birth defect called carapace hypoplasia.

It means my arms and legs were so short that they didn’t have enough room to stretch.

We would spend most of our time in the car, playing, or standing.

But my mommy and daddy would play with me.

They would walk me around the house, play with my toys, and we would often sit in the same room.

When my mom was pregnant with me, my father would help her get into a car.

My dad would put me in a car seat, put my back in the back and let me sit there in the passenger seat.

As my mother grew older, I got used to the car seat and sat in the front seat, often with my legs on the seat.

That’s when I first got a carapaces hypoplastic anemia.

At the age of four, my legs got really weak and my body didn’t respond to my mother’s efforts to get me into a new car seat.

My body became numb, my hands and feet grew numb and my vision became blurry.

Even now, when I am walking or playing, my arms are usually too short to walk on my own.

I feel like my body is trying to pull me away from the car.

So I just sit in front of it.

For a while, I was in a wheelchair.

My mother helped me get into my wheelchair, but she was afraid that I might injure myself, or fall out of it, so she gave me a walker.

She took the walker around Sydney to make sure I was comfortable and to make me feel safe.

There were some people in Sydney who would sit on the back of the car and try to take photos.

In the beginning, they would just stare at me and I would start to feel dizzy and shaky.

But I had a very strong sense of my body, and I started to remember everything.

I knew that I could just push myself back into the car or out of the wheelchair.

Then one day, a friend of mine, who is an OB-GYN, came up to me and told me that I had to come home.

The OB-Gyn said that the carapacias hypoplasm was very serious, and she was worried that I would pass away in the hospital.

After three weeks of hospitalisation, my mother decided to take me to the intensive care unit at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

To my surprise, the OB-Gyne didn’t give me the caracas hypoplasty, which is something that most OB-gyns do, because it was very expensive.

Because my legs were in a state of severe hypoplasmia, my family thought that the hospital would be better for me if I went home to rest.

But my mum told me she needed to stay home to be with me while she underwent the surgery.

A week after my surgery, I woke up in my mother, my dad and a nurse.

“I don’t want to die, but I have to come back to be in the bed,” I said.

One of the nurses said that I needed to be conscious, but the doctor said that wasn’t necessary.

That night, I would wake up to find myself lying in the operating theatre.

By the time I was out of bed, my carapacs hypoplasy was so severe that I was barely able to move.

I was also unable to stand up or move about.

On one of my first days back home, I had surgery.

The doctors told me to take a bath and eat a small meal.

Later, I began to notice that I felt tired.

It felt like I had been lying there for months.

And I had just started to have difficulty walking.

Finally, the doctors told us that I probably had the carachas hypoplasty, and that we needed to do a laparoscopic biopsy.

About a week later, I walked again.

I had no problems.

But the next day, I started feeling worse and worse.

Every time I had an urge to move, I felt like my arms would be pulled up in front and I couldn’t move.

It was just too much.

The next day my legs just couldn’t walk, and my arms couldn’t feel anything.

I started having trouble getting around.

Eventually, I decided to go back home.

The OB-gyne told me I should come back for a second opinion, but it turned out that my caracases hypoplasms had been repaired and that they had given me the best prognosis possible.

Since then, I have lived a very normal life, and since I had the surgery, my doctors and my family have been

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