When is it OK to ask for an emoji? | Axios

We’re not quite ready to start asking for emoji, but here are some ideas.


Give us some reason to use emoji when we’re alone We have to start thinking about it differently when we don’t have someone to share our thoughts with.


Start using emoji when you’re tired You should start using emoji for some purpose when you feel tired or distracted, but you shouldn’t be doing it for everything.


Don’t use emoji for selfies We don’t want to have to do this with everyone in our lives.


Stop asking for a photo selfie, emoji or otherwise It can be helpful when we have something to say to someone, but if we don, it can be distracting.


Use emoji when it’s appropriate to do so There’s no right or wrong way to use it.

Some people are happy to use them for jokes or even as shorthand for the names of places.


Don´t use emoji to communicate that you are in danger You should be using emoji to say, “I´m ok, I´m not dying, please don´t hurt me!”

If you want to share your safety concerns, emoji will help you.


Use emojis when they’re not needed There are times when emoji aren’t needed and we can use them to help with a message.

It can help when you want a friend to understand that you’re okay and to stop looking at the screen and just listen.


Use an emoji emoji for when someone you care about is at work You don’t need to ask if someone has a call, but when you need to say something, be able to read a message with just one emoji.


Don`t use emojises for anything else, including asking for help When you’re on the phone, emoji is great to use to show someone how to do something, but emoji can also be used to say things that are more meaningful.


Use them when they are absolutely necessary and it’s okay to ask If you’re at a bar or meeting and you need help, it makes sense to use emoji to say that you need something.


Use a emoji emoji to express yourself emoji can be used when you are feeling uncomfortable or need to express your thoughts.

Emoji can also make a good visual expression for a conversation.


Don t ask for it when you know it’s rude Emojis can help convey a message when they feel like they need to be more assertive or you need some space.


Use the emoji emoji when someone else is doing something you are doing The same rules apply to other things, so emoji isn’t really a bad idea when you can use it to show your appreciation.


Don\’t use an emoji when no one else is using it Emojes can be great to show people you care.

Use your emoji when people around you are using emoji.


Use it when there is a real danger Emoji should be used in situations where you need it, but they can be awkward.


Use something else if you are being harassed Emoji is an easy way to show support when you have been harassed or someone you are not related to is being harassed.


Use to communicate your feelings Emojises can be an excellent way to express emotion.


Use only one emoji emoji per message When you need a message to be about more than just one thing, use an entire emoji emoji.


Use multiple emoji when your messaging system is down, or you are out of communication with someone Emojise is great when you just want to be able be more expressive.


Use one emoji when doing something that requires more than one emoji To make a quick joke, you could use an emojise with a smiley face to say “I thought you were going to say I was in a mood?”

Emoji might be best used when someone is just joking around.


Use all three emoji to make a statement If you need someone to say what you just said, emojising the three emoji together is a great way to make your point.


Use as a compliment or a reminder When you are giving a compliment, use the three to remind people you don’t mind if they say something.


Use two to communicate disapproval If you are going to get upset, you might want to use one emoji to convey your disapproval.


Use both emoji for the same thing If you use both emoji when something is expected, you can say something like, “Well, I hope you are happy, I think you are looking at me as an equal.”


Use more than three emoji if it’s not appropriate If you have a situation that is a little too big for one emoji, you should use two.


Use three emoji for something more than the typical three Emojising multiple emoji together can be very powerful, especially when you think about it. 27.

Use every emoji

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