When is the next baby coming?

Posted February 08, 2019 16:14:00 It’s been almost three years since the birth of a baby girl in Australia’s first female-headed family, and the story of her journey to motherhood has been told many times over.

But, as she grows up, what are the odds that she’ll be a woman, and how will the gender gap on the national stage affect her as a woman?

Read moreAussie mum and writer Kate Worsley-Williams discusses the challenges of raising a young child in a gender gap.

Key points:Kate Wors, the Australian mother of three, told the ABC that there was a great deal of misinformation around the gender pay gapThe ABC has spoken to several women about their experiences of the gender divideIn her book, A Little Girl in Her Own Home, Worsleys’ mother, the former nurse, said that she was encouraged by the progress that the new family was making.

“It’s amazing to think that we’re a little girl in our own home and we’re growing up, and I’ve got my own room,” she said.

“We’ve got a lot of space, we’ve got everything that we need.”

But it was when the Worshes got married, and a daughter, that she realised the gap had widened.

“My husband and I have two daughters now, and we have two boys and they are doing pretty well.

And then we had the big girl that I had two years ago,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne’s Morning Report.”

I was thinking, ‘I know I’m a little bit late.

Why did I think I was going to be a little baby girl?'”

Kate Worley-Williamson is a mum of three and the author of A Little Boy in Her Room, a memoir about her own journey to becoming a mother.

She told the Morning Report that the gender wage gap had been a topic of conversation in the media before her book was published.

“People have been writing about it and we’ve seen articles about it,” she explained.

“There’s a great amount of misinformation out there.”

She said the gap between men and women in the workforce was particularly acute for childcare workers, because they were more likely to be the primary carer for young children.

“You have a lot more work-related childcare for women than men, and childcare is a great opportunity to get a job in childcare,” she argued.

“And you’re also going to see that more of the male-dominated occupations that are male-dominant are also traditionally male-based.”

So you’re not going to have as many opportunities to work as you would if you were a woman.

“Kate Wores said the gender equality conversation was so timely that she started researching it, and decided to do a book.”

The idea that we were going to do this book was really cool, and it was really exciting to think about the idea of the family and where it might go and what it would look like,” she added.”

As a writer, it was a really good opportunity to write about these things and be able to do it on my own time.

“Kate said that the book was written over two years, and she’d already written six other books.”

This book is about four years worth of research and writing,” she admitted.”

But we’ve already done about 200 pages of research on gender inequality and the gap in pay.

“For me, it’s about a story about how we got here and how we want to move forward.”

Kate says she has a lot to learn about the gender imbalance in the workplace.

“One of the things I’ve learnt over the years is that it’s hard to change the gender stereotypes that you have about people when you’re working in the office and you’re talking to people, and that the way we’re doing things in the house and the way the work environment is, it really works to reinforce those stereotypes.”

The book, which has been published in English and Australian, is available for pre-order at Amazon.com and at bookshops.com.au.


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