Which new Baby Got Back album will you be listening to in 2017?

Here are some of the new albums that are getting their first proper UK release this year.

Moana Baby (August 7, Sony) Baby Got Back is an album about a little boy who was rescued by a group of dolphins, and the baby is brought back to his mother’s side.

The band’s new single “I’m A Baby” has been released, and it features the line “My little baby, I’m so happy.”

Baby Got Bad (August 15, Warner Bros) This album is an ode to a love that’s lost and then recovered.

“We have all this love that we lost and we all had to get back together,” lead singer Chris Martin sings on the title track.

Baby Got The Band Back (September 10, Warner Brothers) The band’s lead singer, Nick Offerman, sings, “I got the band back on the road, baby got the crew back on board.”

Baby Baddest of All (September 17, Warner/Warner Bros)The album is the first new album from Baby Bop since 2011’s Baby Got A Lot of Stars.

Baby Bops will be available on Amazon UK from September 17.

Baby Gets the Bitch Back (October 1, Warner) On the back cover is a picture of Baby Bittles new album cover.

“She’s a Bitch!” sings Baby Bats lead singer Alex Obert.

Baby Is A Man (October 7, Warner Music Group) “I’m a man.

You’re a bitch.

We got our hearts beat, Baby,” sings Baby Boops lead singer J. Cole.

Baby Can’t Do It Alone (October 14, Warner Records) Released on Warner Records, this album features the lines, “She ain’t a woman, baby, but she’s got the ability to be.

She ain’t no lady, baby.

She can do it alone.”

Baby Is Your Man (November 2, Warner Classics) A song about Baby Boop and a girl that’s been in a relationship for years.

Baby Booper is Baby’s man and the two share an in-joke.

Baby Goes to School (November 16, Warner Recordings) Guitarist Matt Sorum has written an original song about the group.

Baby Gives Up The Life He Never Had (November 23, Warner Songs) Written by the Baby Boopers, this song is a tribute to their late frontman and a love song to the band.

Baby Cries The Wolf (November 30, Warner Archives) An acoustic tribute to the Baby Babies life, and a track that features the words “Crying wolf, baby” sung by singer/guitarist/bassist J.


Baby In My Life (December 5, Warner), Baby Boops’ first new studio album since 2011, features the new song “Crawling in a dark place, baby”.

Baby Got the Boss (December 11, Warner, Warner Classic) J. Cole’s son J. is the band’s second lead vocalist, joining Baby Boos original lead singer Cole.

This album includes the lines “She doesn’t have a boss, she’s just got a boss,” and “I love you, baby.”

Baby Can Be The Boss (January 15, Spotify) Boeing’s new song, “Baby Got The Boss,” features the bands song “Baby, Boss” and was released on Spotify.

Baby Needs A Boss (February 6, Spotify, Apple Music) In this track, Baby Boomer sings, “She needs a boss/We need a boss.”

The song is available on Spotify in its entirety.

Baby Does A Bad Job (February 12, Spotify), “Baby, baby do a bad job, baby,” sung by Cole.