Why do babies need the vans?

A baby van is being used to help baby boys.

It is designed to give them a place to sleep and to help them cope with the pressure of the hospital environment.

The van has been designed by the Dutch firm van de Vreijs to be able to take care of boys and is one of a growing number of vans being used by hospitals around the world.

“They are not going to go in a nursing home,” said Dr. Marjo van de Stelten, who is the head of neonatal intensive care at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands.

“They’re not going in a hospital, but they have the right to go out and have some respite.

So this van is designed for them.”

The vans are used to transport infants and newborns to and from the neonatal ward, and to take them to and fro between the neonatology ward and the neonatic ward.

There are around 4,000 neonatal units worldwide, according to Van de Vremens, and about 400 of those have been fitted with the van-de-vans.

One of the vans has a capacity of up to 40 babies.

The baby vans were built in the 1990s and have been used in several hospitals in the United States and Europe.

Van de Vresens said it is not the first time the van has helped babies.

The company used to use vans in their operating rooms, but as the baby vans became more popular, the company started to sell them to hospitals.

At first, they were used for newborns, but the vans have since been used to take the babies to the neonatoria, said Dr Michael van De Stelsten, who works for van de vreijts.

In the Netherlands, the van de vans have been designed to be easy to transport, said van de Van Sert, the president of van de van Stelsteens.

They have to be very light, they can be parked on the side of the road and they are able to be taken off when there are not enough drivers to go around.

That’s why we’re using them, because we can move these babies in a way that is not as stressful for them,” said van De Vresen.

A van that’s used in the neonation ward of the University Hospital of Leyden.

Dr. Marjolijn van de Velde, the head neonatologist at the hospital, said that in recent years, they have noticed a rise in the use of the van in the hospital.

We are working on the design of the new van-dijk.

He said the van is not designed to have a lot of space, and that it needs to be sturdy enough for the babies.

He said that a van is one thing, but having the extra room is a challenge for the neonators.

To make it easier for the infants to breathe, the hospital has built a ventilation system.

The neonatal van also has a separate ventilator that allows the babies and the babies’ mother to share their room.

It’s not an air-tight unit.

It has a plastic bag over the ventilators and the bags need to be emptied every hour or so.

If the bags are full, the baby has to go back in the van to the nursery to get some of the bagged air, said Marjollie van de Sert.

This is what we do, because the babies don’t have access to their own space.

We need to keep the babies close and we need to give the babies something to be happy about, she said.

These are just two of many things that can be done by the neonata, said Van de Veld.

But Van de Van said he has been amazed by the amount of support the vans and neonatologists have received from parents.

When a baby has a seizure, he can come back in to the van and get the medication.

I was very surprised by the support from parents when I visited them.

They were really supportive.

“We’ve been working on this van for about a year. “

I’ve always been a supporter of neonatologies,” he said.

“We’ve been working on this van for about a year.

It’s just like having a baby in your womb.

You can’t do it otherwise.”

“We’ve done so much work in the Neonatal Hospital in Leiden and now we’re going to move to the Neonatology Hospital in Amsterdam, where we will start to work on some of these new van designs,” he added.

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